Technological Advances

Technology is a very important part of life, and no matter what you do you have to use technology. It could range from using a light bulb to see in a cave to engineering an audio track for millions of people to use, or even making a website for your class BPA events! Even this picture has something to do with the technological future. It is a picture of the "Strider"used to simulate how robots will float on the surface of water. Technology is rapidly expanding, and just like everything else of the future, we can not say how it will grow or what it will entail. What we can say is that there is no limit of the possibilities that are within our grasps. The advances that will come in the near future will prove that our society is at the pinnacle of our potential to change the world and its future.

Types of Futuristic Technology

Futuristic technology varies from a wide range of goods and services being worked on by various companies, such as Microsoft, Sony, Intel and many others. Most are trying to improve the graphics of their processors to make video games, and to simulate real life situations. Technology is advancing very quickly. Every year, something new comes out like the upcoming PS3, and the newly arrived XBOX 360. Technology is the future of life in general. It'll soon be used to even cook for us, using the precise amount of seasonings to make a perfect taste for your thoughts and desires. Soon smart houses will be the standards in America and other outlying countries.

In this website you will be exploring the future of Science technologies such as Robotics, Superconductors, Space Sciences, Fiber optics, Lasers, magnetic imaging, and some other types of technology.



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